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Are you experiencing uneven tyre wear?

In most cases your suspension can be left to the wayside but it's one of the most hard working components underneath your car. Your car's suspension is under constant load, correcting your car's stability during cornering and taking the brunt of bad or uneven road surfaces.

If your suspension is at fault then it begins to affect your steering and inevitably, your tyres. Uneven tyre wear can be the most common result of bad suspension as it could lead to flat spots, bulging and pressure differences, ultimately making your car unsafe for use.

Tyrepower breaks down 3 important things to look for when driving your car.

1. A Rough Ride

Feeling vibrations through your steering wheel is the more noticeable effect of bad suspension. You may feel like you’re off-road when in fact you’re driving on a smooth sealed road. Your shock absorbers are not doing their job, causing vibrations up through your suspension and steering. These vibrations ultimately cause ripple effects in your tyre’s direction, creating uneven wear and tear and reducing the life expectancy of the tyre.

2. Becomes difficult to steer

Suspension issues can cause multiple headaches when it comes to your vehicle's steering and performance. Tight turning, slipping or holding during turns are just some of the problems you might encounter. These issues can be extremely dangerous to you and those driving around you but the real problem can lie in self-diagnosing the problem.

In this case it is advised that you take your car to a professional for inspection. Other reasons for steering difficulties could include steering pumps, fluids and loose steering belts.

3. Pulling to one side

If your vehicle is pulling to one side it can be extremely dangerous yet difficult to pin-point the problem. With so many parts involved, your vehicle's suspension is responsible for keeping your tyres firmly on the ground. Possible issues could lie with one or more parts including shock absorbers, springs, leaf springs and/or steering dampers.

Regular suspension checks and tyre rotations as per the manufacturer's specifications are recommended to keep your vehicle in a safe and reliable condition. Tyrepower offers suspension and tyre servicing to keep you safer on the road. Visit our store or call today on (08) 9535 2087 or book in your vehicle online here

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